About Chapela

Hi, my name is Nick Muth, and I'm the founder of Chapela Inc.

I've been working in the trades all my life. I possess numerous different skills due to my unique background and jobsite experiences. My work ethic, attention to detail, and creativity set me apart from the competition.

I work in the trades because it is what I love. When I am not working, I am building trucks, welding, working out, and doing my own home improvements. Work is what I do, and what I have always done. It's fun to create a finished product through your own sweat equity.

Chapela provides high quality work at reasonable prices primarily for the Knoxville, Farragut, and East Tennessee area.



Creativity is a part of our DNA at Chapela and every one of our projects is a work of art.


We're obsessive about our attention to detail and our unmatched quality backs it up.


We work harder and faster than anyone else, which means we turn your project vision into reality faster than the competition.


We always clean up after ourselves, every time. This means the only trace that we were there is our quality work.


We believe that being on time is late, which means we always plan for the unexpected - showing up when we say we will and finishing jobs on time.


We never forget that we are guests on your property, which means we are always polite and treat you with respect.